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Tsawwassen, BC



British Columbia Ferry Services Inc



Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd.


Contract Value:



Start Date:

December 2009


Completion Date:

March 2011


The project scope was to complete demolition and reconstruction of Berth 4 while adjacent berths were active.

Demolition consisted of timber, concrete and steel structures, including:

  • Aprons, one line dolphins, two turning dolphins and one port wingwall and associated catwalks;
  • Portal frame, ramp towers, upper and lower ramps and aprons.

Rebuild consisted of supply, fabrication and, installation of new berth design, including:

  • Installation of steel piles of various sizes including: 2000 OD by 25.4 w.t. by 54 m (starter pile was 41 m); 610 OD by 12.7 w.t. by 42 m to 53 m long full length piles; and 914 OD by 19.1 w.t. by 49 m piles;
  • Nine 2-metre diameter monopiles complete with parallel motion fender systems;
  • Two turning dolphins comprised of six 2-metre diameter piles each with a concrete pile cap and fenders;
  • One stop dolphin and one port wingwall complete with fendering;
  • Two concrete abutments and portal frames;
  • Fabricated steel catwalks, ramp towers, upper and lower ramps and aprons;
  • Cathodic protection system;
  • Remediation of existing sheet pile wall;
  • Dredging and slope protection.