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Jericho Beach, Vancouver



City of Vancouver Vancouver Board of

Parks and Recreation


Contract Value:



Type of contract:


Start Date:

August 2011


Completion Date:

October 2011

  • Salvage of historic wharf guardrail.
  • Removal and disposal of wharf decking comprised of 5,800 m² of 150 mm thick reinforced concrete on top of 200 mm thick laminated creosote timber.
  • Removal and disposal of 1,390 lineal metres of creosote pile caps and 735 creosote timber support piles. Roughly 95% of caps and 60% of piles were recycled.
  • Demolition and disposal of reinforced concrete wharf abutment and twin slab foundations. Final quantity of concrete removed was roughly 4,200 metric tonnes.
  • Foreshore excavation followed by slope and scour protection using imported aggregate materials to achieve a finished “natural beach” look.
  • Project was completed one month ahead of schedule.