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Offshore Marine Stone Columns


Offshore marine stone columns is similar to vibro-compaction, except that it is constructed from within the marine environment. Granular soils are compacted using depth vibrators underwater. The intensity of compaction can be varied in order to achieve the desired effect depending on the underwater foundation. The finished product can be visually inspected only by divers. It is therefore of paramount importance to rely on a column installation method that leaves no room for defective columns. VANPILE uses a complex marine bottom feed stone column installation equipment to produce the desired ground improvement. Besides the stone column equipment, the barge setup is also crucial to delivering accurate and reliable stone columns. VANPILE has recent experience with offshore stone columns including marine terminals and a shipyard loading facility.
  • Deltaport Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Deltaport Deltaport Berth 3 Expansion
  • Deltaport Nanaimo Cruise Ship Terminal
  • Deltaport Minera Boleo
  • Deltaport Seaspan Shipyards Load Out Pier