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Vibro Compaction


Vibro compaction is the method of soil improvement whereby granular soils are compacted using depth vibrators. Naturally deposited soils as well as artificially reclaimed sands can be compacted to great depths. The intensity of compaction can be varied in order to achieve the desired effect depending on the foundation or ground improvement purpose. The improvement effects from vibro-compaction can include increased bearing capacity, settlement reduction under loads, liquefaction mitigation, prevention of lateral spreading, and prevention of settlements. VANPILE’s specialized vibro-compaction equipment allows it to achieve the following methods: vibro-displacement (stone columns) bottom dry feed, compaction densification, and displacement densification. VANPILE has recent experience in successfully using its specialized vibro-compaction equipment on many real estate development sites.
  • Deltaport Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Deltaport YVR Densification
  • Deltaport MACOAC Densification