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Steel Piling


Steel pipe piling is the most common type of piles installed by Vanpile. They are installed by high capacity impact or vibratory hammers to a design depth or resistance. The end-result produces a foundation that resists compressive, uplift and lateral loads. Driven piles are used when the ground conditions are stable and capable of supporting the intended structure. To increase stability of driven piles, there are different techniques that can be used such as anchoring the piles through tension cables and grouting or filling the steel pile with concrete. The length of the installed pipe pile can vary and may be installed as one length of pipe, or multiple pieces of pipe spliced together. VANPILE also has experience installing H piles and composite piles (steel and concrete members).
  • Deltaport Coapas Marine Terminal
  • Deltaport Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Deltaport Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal VRCA Gold Award of Excellence 2007 Winner
  • Deltaport Nanaimo Cruise Ship Terminal
  • Deltaport Port Mann Tower Resto.
  • Deltaport Translink - Seabus Berthing
  • Deltaport Minera Boleo
  • Deltaport SFPR
  • Deltaport Placentia Lift Bridge
  • Deltaport Viterra
  • Deltaport NO.2 Road Bridge
  • Deltaport Granville Island Wharf
  • Deltaport Seaspan Shipyards Load Out Pier