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VANCOUVER PILE DRIVING (VANPILE) is an award winning 100‐year‐old multi‐discipline construction company. Since its inception in 1913, VANPILE has extensively served the coastal marine industry and built many of the major marine facilities along the coastline and inland waters of British Columbia, Canada. Our culture is built around our people and their experience enabling us to lead in innovation, reputation, and safety. VANPILE is also proud to be a member of CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP since 1996; and as a group, we are Driven By Safety - To Be The Best.

As well, we are a culture dedicated to our core values:

TEAMWORK - we work together in an environment of mutual support, trust and respect, combining knowledge and diversity to create a positive workplace.

INTEGRITY - we value commitment to honesty, reliability and quality workmanship in all our endeavors.

ACCOUNTABILITY - we are responsible for all our actions or inactions and the decisions on which we base them. We follow through and take ownership of the results.

PROFESSIONALISM - we commit to safety, quality and efficiency. We care for our reputation as employees and as a company, building our future together.

Since 1971, CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP has been constantly adapting, evolving, and growing to meet the changing needs of the market place. Integrating our many areas of expertise allows us to offer our partners and clients innovative end‐to‐end solutions that are unmatched in the market today. A proud and major contributor to large construction projects through Canada, CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP has an expansive list of services and resources unrivalled in the marketplace. With over 100 years of experience, our award‐winning group, which includes BRYMARK INSTALLATIONS GROUP, CORWEST FABRICATIONS and VANCOUVER PILE DRIVING, continues to successfully build our clients’ vision with passion.

CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP is wholly-owned and operated by the Carlson Family.

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BRYMARK INSTALLATIONS GROUP (BRYMARK) is a 30‐year‐old industrial general contractor that has been involved in successful major industrial projects throughout British Columbia. While completing civil, structural, mechanical and piping projects for a variety of industries, BRYMARK continues to broaden its capabilities, enabling work with new clients as well as continuing to work with repeat clients and maintaining long term contracts.

CORWEST FABRICATIONS (CORWEST) has more than 40 years of experience fabricating high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy pipe spools (which are prefabricated components of a piping system) for a wide variety of industries including: chemical processing, water treatment, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, ship-building, and food & beverage. CORWEST’s typical fabricated material includes austenitic stainless steel grades, duplex & super duplex stainless steel, nickel & nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium, and zirconium. CORWEST was founded in 1965 and then acquired in 1975 by Ellett Industries Ltd. In 2017, CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP acquired CORWEST, including its reputable name, high craftsmanship employees, and reliable equipment. With the added strength and support provided from CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP, CORWEST is now positioned to build on its historical successes to continue their tradition of developing and maintaining a leading position in the alloy pipe-spool fabrication industry.

1913 - Vancouver Pile Driving and Contracting Co. (VPDCC) is established.

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1960- Dillingham Corporation purchases Vancouver Pile Driving and Contracting Co.

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1980 - Delta Catalytic purchases Dillingham Canada Ltd.

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1996 - CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP purchases the marine division of Delta Catalytic and re-establishes VANCOUVER PILE DRIVING.

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2005 - VANCOUVER PILE DRIVING completes its 1st P3 project as a design-build joint venture with SNC Lavelin.

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2012 - VANCOUVER PILE DRIVING completes its 1st project in Mexico.

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