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Richmont, BC



Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities

Corporation (VAFFC)


Contract Value:



Start Date:

October 2019


Completion Date:

December 2021

The project scope was to construct of a new Marine Terminal including state-of-the art mooring and offloading technologies.

Located on the north shore of the south arm of the Fraser River, at one of the widest and deepest sections of the river, the new Marine Terminal is an upgrade of an existing wharf, in an area that is currently zoned for heavy industrial use. The Marine Terminal is designed to handle small barge shipments, as well as Panamax class vessels.

Onshore and Offshore Marine Works included:

  • Demolition of existing bulkhead, including removal and disposal of excavated materials, pipe piles, tie-backs, precast concrete and two existing mooring dolphins;
  • Dredging and slope protection;
  • Construction of marine piled structures: two mooring dolphins, three breasting dolphins and one fuel loading platform;
  • Design, supply and installation of temporary shoring sheet pile wall around ground improvement area;
  • Excavation, dewatering and disposal of unsuitable and contaminated soils at upland ground improvement area, followed by backfilling with structural fill;
  • Stone column and rapid impact compaction (RIC) ground densification;
  • Supply and installation of structural steel including access catwalks;
  • Utility berth float, piles, gangway and gangway abutment;
  • Two spill boom piles;
  • Installation of mechanical fuel offloading arms.