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Richmont, B.C.



Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities

Corporation (VAFFC)


Contract Value:



Type of contract:



Start Date:

October 2019


Completion Date:

December 2021


Construction of a new Marine Terminal including state-of-the art mooring and offloading technologies
Onshore and Offshore Marine Works include:

  • Demolition of existing bulkhead, including removal and disposal of excavated materials, pipe piles, tie-backs, pre-cast concrete and two existing mooring dolphins;
  • Dredging and slope protection;
  • Construction of marine piled structures: two mooring dolphins, three breasting dolphins and one fuel loading platform;
  • Design, supply and installation of temporary shoring sheet pile wall around ground improvement area;
  • Excavation, dewatering and disposal of unsuitable and contaminated soils at upland ground improvement area, followed by backfilling with structural fill;
  • Stone column and rapid impact compaction (RIC) ground densification;
  • Supply and installation of structural steel including access catwalks;
  • Utility berth float, piles, gangway and gangway abutment;
  • Two spill boom piles;
  • Installation of mechanical fuel offloading arms.