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Ground improvements

VANPILE has the geo-technique expertise in improving poor soil conditions to increase the load capacity, provide stability, control seepage, and provide liquefaction resistance. Our experience and methods includes timber compaction and vibro-compaction (stone columns) whether it’s on land or offshore. Being fully prepared to drive piles on land and to densify sites to mitigate liquefaction, we have the specialized equipment and knowledge to satisfy the needs of the present day construction sites.

Vibro Compaction

VANPILE’s specialized vibro-compaction equipment allows it to achieve the following methods: vibro-displacement (stone columns) bottom dry feed, compaction densification, and displacement densification. VANPILE has recent experience in successfully using its specialized vibro-compaction equipment on many real estate development sites.

Timber Compaction Piling

Timber compaction piling is the process of increasing the density of a soil by driving wood piling closely spaced together. It typically involves a high-volume use of driven timber piles. VANPILE has experience with this form of ground improvements involving its heavy equipment and machinery.

Offshore Marine Stone Columns

VANPILE uses a complex marine bottom feed stone column installation equipment to produce the desired ground improvement. Besides the stone column equipment, the barge setup is also crucial to delivering accurate and reliable stone columns. VANPILE has recent experience with offshore stone columns including marine terminals and a shipyard loading facility.